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Boy released 40 years ago today!!

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3 hours ago, boyu2 said:

 Their first single and still one of their greatest songs “Out of Control”!!

I think it still holds up as well as ever.  I can honestly say that if I heard it on the radio today, I'd be trying to figure out who it is so I could hear more of whomever it was.  I'm always happy to hear Out Of Control.  It's even better live.

I remember when I first heard I Will Follow; I was in the student union of my college.  It came on MTV.  I heard the guitar and was hooked.  It's 40 years later and I still cannot get enough of U2.

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Yes, I have to agree with what everyone has said so far. It’s still one of my very favorite albums of theirs; in fact, I think it’s among the very best debut albums ever in the genre of rock music in general.

I remember hearing “I Will Follow” for the first time back in 1980, and (like with all of their songs, really) I thought that it sounded amazing and completely unlike anything else out on the radio then. They were of their time and beyond their time at the same time.

They really won me over as a fanatic two albums later, but this is where it all began. Happy 40th anniversary, “Boy” - you are forever youthful and vibrant!


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Yey, I'm back....never ever ever walkaway, walkway , walkaway. BOY is simply one of the best debut albums ever constructed. The beauty is , that there was not much 'construct' required. The talent of it's time was just there - and they made f*ckin tunes!!!!!!!

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