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jazz cigarette wrote:

i keep getting this message from TM


  • The password entered is not yet active. Please check your information regarding the time frame when you are elligible for this offer.

What are the first three letters of you code?

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Tues. March 24 10AM local venue time - 'Horizon' group

Wed. March 25 10AM EDT / 9AM CDT / 8AM MDT / 7AM PDT - 'Breathe' group

Wed. March 25 6PM EDT / 5PM CDT / 4PM MDT / 3PM PDT - 'Boots' group


ok i saw this shit earlier... but i guess i didn't understand because i didn't get an email telling me which group i was in... and i have yet to getthat email....


so i'm in the BOOTS group for sure??

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