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On 1/14/2021 at 3:27 PM, Manohlive said:

No artist wants to release something that does not meet with his or her approval.  The second they released it. people would be criticizing them for putting out crap. (not saying it is)

Sure, I get it but I doubt the final product would be crap. U2 always strive for the best people working on their gigs. What they often do is not releasing the material.

I still don't understand why there isn't a TJT tour video released after this long. What are they waiting for? This pandemic times would be perfect since people are stuck at their homes. 

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Physical formats create the pleasure of listening music at home, it´s my opinion. Still purchasing vinyls, CDs and DVDs.

I think that was one if you look at the right side of the stage, directly under the lamp you can see side stage. (Photo credit to someone else, not mine)   Here it is in one of my photos, righ

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U2 are known for their focus on perfection and getting everything just right. However I have noticed some flaws getting through in recent live releases. The live concerts on recent deluxe reissues have included lyrical flubs by Bono. For example on "Bullet The Blue Sky" from NYC on JT30 he sings..

"Take the first floor to the first floor."

There is something similar on the Boston show on ATYCLB deluxe. Maybe they are relaxing a bit and overlooking imperfections in otherwise solid performances. If so we may eventually see some Apollo 360 footage. Perhaps not the entire show but clips where the music overcomes technical difficulties.

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