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Right I'm not gonna mince words, quite simply my inner voice is telling me to speak, so speak I shall, the last great U2 album landed in 2009. It was called No Line On The Horizon. It contained the essence of U2, it was beautifully put together by among others Eno and Lanois. 

Songs of Innocence has me returning from time to time and is a very very good album, and I do love it.


Songs of Experience feels forced, there are however some very good songs there, and ok they wanted to expetiment a bit, no harm no foul and when the time is right I will listen again.


Now this is what I know, and I don,t know everything, but I just know that U2 Eno and Lanois have a chemistry that will not be replicated.

I believe it is incredibly important at this time for the band to feel comfortable in their skins with the next album immenent.

Now that may or may not happen with some of the others, but with Eno and Lanois at the helm then a greater degree of freedom to just let go and see where it all leads should work like a treat, God willing. 

U2 and or Bono will always have something to say regarding political issues of the time etc, but please man can you light up the music once again by giving us a commentary through your lyrics based on what you see right in front of you every where you go.


A fan.

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