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Hello!  I recently began collecting U2 on vinyl (because it's nice to have physical media as opposed to digital) and am curious how folks have gone about buying U2 on vinyl, i.e., local shops, online, etc.  I've been visiting local stores and buying from Discogs, but curious if anyone has come across any other good places online to buy. 

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some of us got things when... ahem... they were released... (#JurassicFans)

eBay and Discogs could be a good start, but be extremely careful - prices can be outrageously inflated there... well, everywhere for that matter. Always check and recheck and think carefully before buying anything to anyone, as much as that could be the coveted item on the collection. It doesn't hurt to ask another fan about those items...


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12 minutes ago, mgiv78 said:

Thanks @Max Tsukino and @mich40! Much appreciated.  

I always got everything on CD back in the day, and went digital in the early-mid 2000s. It’s nice to have physical media again, especially considering the sound and album art. 

No problem. I never completely gave up on vinyl, even when it was so hard to find during the beginning of digital popularity. It’s been so nice to see it make a comeback. Like you said, nothing beats the covers and the sound. I recommend if you haven’t already, picking up some of the coloured remastered vinyls of the U2 albums. They sound phenomenal! 

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