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Izzy2u wrote:

I think peeps mis-understanding this just a tad...the copyright they are "holding" has to do with OTHER SITES using photos from U2.com. So in a way it's a protection for you that they "hold" the copyright.


Anyone that knows anything about copyright is that the person that took the photo is the sole copyright holder FOREVER unless he literally sells his copyright. U2.com CAN'T "own" your copyright. Not today, not yesterday not ever without paying you to own it.


If you are sincere about your phots and haven't turned them into the library of congress copyright office (apply whatever country you live in) then, just putting a watermark on it, dioesn't validate it.


PLEASE understand...YOU OWN YOUR PHOTOS forever!


U2.com policy is strictly mean't to ward off poachers from taking anything from this site.

Are you sure about this, Izzy? There is lots of talks about this on the sub side as well as blogs too. It isn't very clear, esp when they say they own ourusernames too when they didn't give them to us. We came up with our own names. I think they will take the pics too.


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