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U2 The Virtual Road Live Thread - Stop 3: U2 POPmart: Live From Mexico City

Max Tsukino

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Ahhhhh...very pleasant memories of this tour and of this show (but also one detail that was a bit of a downer).

This was the first tour that I made a point of seeing them more than once for a tour (I was blessed enough to see four shows - all three shows in Texas, since I was living there at the time (those were in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston), and show #3 in Chicago. All shows, of course, were excellent.

The down bit, both for the last leg of the North American tour and for the filmed show in particular, was that this was the time when Michael Hutchence died. Completely by chance, I saw the very first POPMart show after that tragic event occurred (that was the San Antonio show) - the band were clearly rattled by it that night and were able to put together a hasty tribute during it. By the time they played Houston and Mexico City, they were able to create a more complete and fitting tribute.

Still, the positives outweigh the negatives during this tour. I loved the POP album, and the tour for it was spectacular. (It was also, as a point of trivia, the last tour where they didn’t have GA on the floor.) It will be great to see/hear an upgraded/improved version of it! 😎


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2 hours ago, jaureguigerardo said:

Poor selection for the EP, no Mofo or Discotheque. I don’t get why only 4 songs they should release the whole thing or at least 8 songs. 

You can easily get Discotheque on the beautiful day cd single. Same as velvet dress though. Mofo was on hasta la vista cd but that’s not so easy to get. They did just put Mofo on the YouTube channel though. All you need is the dvd anyway and then you’ve got the whole gig 

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