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What Exactly is the Rattle and Hum Background Design....

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For years now it's been bugging me (don't mean to bug ya....) what on earth the design of the Rattle and Hum film poster/vhs cover, dvd/blu ray cover is supposed to be...

...I mean, I know it's Bono with that stage lamp shining it on Edge...yes, that I am well aware of (although I have read it's a recreated pose in a studio for Anton to photograph and isn't as spontaneous as it looks)...but, what are the brown streaks supposed to be?  

Every time I see the image it just drives me nuts...does anyone know?!  I note that this design wasn't carried over to the vinyl/cassette/CD release of the "soundtrack" - and if ever there was a misuse of the word soundtrack this is it!

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