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RSD June 2021 FIRE picture disc.


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Absolutely loving the look of this for June coming 40th anniversary for FIRE being pressed on picture disc check out the group pic on the B side taken in 1979 in London.

Whats everyone else think of this..??


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This will sit amazingly with my Wide awake in europe and Songs of Innocence both numbered under 400 can't wait... !!!!!

Also I got my Boy 40th anniversary on white vinyl pre order from Rastilho records in Portugal the best thing it came a week earlier than general release ill be ordering this from them.


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3 hours ago, sukhjitkamal said:

I don't want to be negative again but haven't those live performances already been officially released? 

If you look at the RSD list, you will find that a good number of the titles are re-releases, or live versions that sometimes can be found elsewhere. Sometimes artists do first run and those may or may not be special editions. This particular U2 release is a new picture disc that the songs have never been on. The bigger picture is that things released on RSD are to support locally owned record stores. So think of it not as what U2 are doing for you, but as what they (and you, if you choose to buy it) are doing for small business record stores. 

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