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On 10/1/2021 at 11:02 PM, doctornickriviera said:

It’s best to become more mellow as you grow older.


War was written in their early twenties when the troubles were very much at their height and the threat of Cold War Nuclear Armageddon was a daily threat…..

U2 albums, like love, come In all shapes and sizes as they have evolved as a band. They now write great songs like this……. I love the message behind this track. It’s one of their best.



Great song, love songs are a thing for U2, although there are real threats to the survival of humanity and unfortunately love won't fix them all, tough love maybe in some situations, cruel to be kind to the everpresent dangers lurking in the shadows, I like a love song, but I can headbang too and enjoy a wide variety of musical sessions, you need to be able to put a statement into the world sometimes that tells it like it is and that may require a heavier approach to certain songs and a mellower one to others and U2 certainly have been able to achieve that on a lot of their work, personally I believe the time is right to reunite the dream team of Eno, Lanois, Lillywhite and Flood and go epic

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