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Euro 2021


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I’ll be watching too! ️ 

I don’t even know which teams are favored to do well this time around. Usually, I already have a good feel for which teams might, but I have no idea this time.

The teams I usually root for in this tournament are England, The Netherlands, and Belgium. I guess I’ll just root for them again. 👍 

Right now, I’m just thrilled with the US Men’s National Team’s success of late. We won the inaugural CONCACAF Nations League tournament with a thrilling 3-2 victory in extra time in the final over our regional arch-rival Mexico (all sympathies to @Max Tsukino ). And we just followed up that win by beating Costa Rica quite badly in a friendly tonight. These are the two teams we normally do the worst against in our federation. All in all, a very good week! Bring on the Gold Cup competition! 😎

Still, I always like watching the Euros. It should be a great tournament!



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On 6/7/2021 at 4:29 PM, adrnik said:

Football & Music & Beer = the three greatest things!!

Favourite to win: I'd love England to win and think their chance is as good as it has been but I reckon France will be champions.

Country's best and worst players - we have a great array of attackers but the defence could be an issue but I think our problem will be midfield. 

Player of the tournament - Mbappe or even Grealish

Bono to trip over his sunglasses when taking the penalty!!!


Yes, France is the defending World Cup champion - they should have a good shot in doing well. Still, I’ll root for my usual three above.


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16 hours ago, xrayjets said:

I’m a neutral, not much chance of Australia qualifying 🤣



On the other hand, they do let Australia into the Eurovision Song Contest, so you never know... :lol:

Also, an update on Ukrainian shirt-gate: UEFA have told them to remove one of the slogans that are sewn into the shirts, as it's a bit too militaristic for UEFA's liking. But they can keep the rest of the design as it is. Although I suspect Russia will still try and complain...  


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Obligatory these days (Premier league teams, I know... but it's the spirit of it that matters) 😁

So that's the football! Coming up! Watch it! Watch the football! Watch it! Watch it! It's gonna move... Watch the football! It's football!!!

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