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Happy Birthday Mr. The Edge


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Tomorrow, Sunday, 8th of August, is The Edge's 60th birthday. Please join us in wishing him a beautiful day by adding your favorite Edge photos you've taken, favorite sounds and favorite moments.




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Happy Birthday, Mr. The Edge! 60 years young today! 

I always felt a special connection to the band, not only from your excellent songs, but also from the coincidences of birthdays: just as Bono has the same birthday as my Dad, you have the same birthday as one of my brothers. Quite a coincidence!

Anyway, have as wonderful first day as a sexagenarian (Bono and Adam can give you a few pointers about the new temporal territory you are in; Larry, of course, has to wait until Halloween to join the rest of you in experiencing the joy of the sixties)! We can’t wait to see you play live again - here is a shot from Philadelphia in 2018 of you in action. Come back soon for more; we’ll be waiting! 🎸 



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Happy birthday Mr The Edge ! That's a big one ! 

So I made you a birthday gif.... no just gif, no T.

(Sorry about the tweet link, file too big)

And I might have wrote a full post blog about how awesome you are (because I can never shut up and I'm afraid the Zoo mods might tell me to shush again - of course they won't , they're too nice for that, I'm just too lazy to re type everything)


Enjoy the cake and 'ouzo'(or anything else bottled) to celebrate ! 

(I should probably have stopped writing after the 'Happy birthday Mr The Edge !' but see 2nd point again. )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUITAR HERO ! You rock. Much love. ❤️



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