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Happy Birthday Mr. The Edge


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Thank you mr. The Edge to let me in the sound let me into sound let me in the sound let me into sound - let me in the sound

associating with the image of The Edge on his boots at the start of the video of Pride and that jacket flying in the wind on the port of Dublin




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This is a poem I wrote in an hour for The Edge's birthday.

It mostly relates to the only time I have met him in Dublin but chose not to ask for an autograph, because he was with his family.

I do firmly believe that the opportunity to meet him in person will present itself again.

Thank you for reading my words. 


Poem for The Edge on his 60th birthday.png

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Cheer To Edge on his birthday. 


Edge it is your Birthday today. 

And I and all of Zootopia wish you a special Birthday. 😃👍👍🎂🎁

You may be 60 today! 

But you don't look that age. 

I wonder what the gift is


Another Guitar I bet the gift is. 


I bet it's a wall piece. 


A very special guitar for our special sweet Edge. 


Isn't that The Sweetest Thing. 


You sure know how to play Edge!


Get into it Edge! 


Edge you can play keyboard and piano too! 

And singing! 

Very smart aren't you


You are a showman too aren't you Edge


We all know you are Edge. 

We all L💓VE you Edge. 

Have a Happy Birthday Edge. 

And may all your wishes come true. 

From LADY FLY 💅💋😎

And All of Zootopia. 💓💓💓


Sorry I can't get a photo up brocken phone hardly type take forever. 😔

I hope eveyone loved what I wrote. 🙏💅💋😎




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