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U2 announce RSD 2022 - 'A Celebration'


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Just back from my store and now playing on my player that is as red as Bono’s leather pants in the video. 😝



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I am from Bulgaria and we don't have Record Store Day here. However, I was lucky enough to be in London from April 22 to 25 for the concerts of Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets and Zucchero in Royal Albert Hall two nights in a row. On April 23, the Record Store Day, I visited two record stores in Soho - in both places "A Celebration" had already been sold. Around noon, my wife and I visited Greenwich to see the Greenwich Observatory and the Greenwich Meridian. Walking around the city, we passed a record store, where the record had also already been sold. We kept walking and accidentally saw the Greenwich Market. Quite an interesting place where different people were selling handmade things. That's where I came across a music store with a big sign in front of it "Record Store Day". I asked the salesman about "A Celebration" LP, expecting another answer that all the copies had been sold. Luckily for me, there were still three copies left. A minute after that I was walking around the Greenwich Gardens with my copy and big smile on my face!  I am extremely happy that I managed to buy LP of one of my favorite bands on one hand, and on the other that for the first time in my life I become part of Record Store Day.

Reading about this record on the net, I came across various information regarding the number of copies issued. At one point it says that they are 7,500 for the whole world. On the other, I read that there are 7,500 copies for the United States only, another 3,600 for the UK and Ireland, and a total of 21,000 worldwide. Does anyone have correct information about that?

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