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Notes to Larry: Our best wishes


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To the heartbeat of U2,

We are all here because of your legacy. You have the utmost reverence and respect among the fan community. We will go to the mat for you and will defend your fundamental right for health and privacy during this most challenging time. You've taught us when to use your trademark FOAD (and I'm sure I've been on the receiving end of that in my time too to be fair). Anyone who disrespects your decisions will be met with that same tenacity of spirit and loyalty to you that you have offered to us. On behalf  of my family, we wish you a  full and speedy recovery. You've done so much for so  many - it's time we get to carry you for a little bit. We'll take good care of the shop while you're recovering. 

We love you - be well!

Sherry, Steve, Chop & Li'l Miss

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3 hours ago, mich40 said:

Now that the initial shock of the news that Larry will not be at the Sphere in Las Vegas is over and we understand more of what is going on, it is a good time to show our support for him and the band. Please join us in sending him all the good vibes we can.

Let's keep this all about the drummer; discussion of the actual shows themselves can be found here: https://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/44572-let’s-go-to-vegas-baby/

I personally want to say that as hard as it was for me to hear it, it must have been 100x harder to announce it.  Having said that, I want to add that I'm glad that you, Larry, are taking the time to help make sure that you will be able to play again. Wishing you all the best and a full recovery. And I will wait patiently to see you hit things again.

Larry AB EBTTRT Drums loop 90s


This thread is a great idea - all the best to Larry in his procedures & recovery and all the best to the band. It definitely had to have been a gut wrenching decision for all involved. 

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Larry, We deeply appreciate all you have given us. We are relieved you are taking care. We trust you to follow your own alignment. We are  so grateful you are doing what is best. Sending our unconditional LOVE!! May you return to full wellness. Take your time. Sure looking forward to your return !! We are waiting patiently. 
Be. Well.
Fondly, Carlene

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Sending my absolute best to Larry. I know this was a hard decision for all of you, but you only get one body, you need to do what what is necessary to take care of yourself and heal properly. As I'm finding out currently from my own major surgery, at an age just a few years younger than you, what your brain thinks it can do and what your body actually can do during recovery are very different! And after 40+ yrs of giving us great music and shows, you deserve this time to take care of you so you can come back louder than ever!

One question, though, who's going to keep Bono's rambling between songs in check? 

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Tough news... I'm still processing it. It's hard to imagine U2 without Larry.

I'm sad because living in Brazil I don't know when or if I will see U2 again.

I'd like to send all my love to Larry! I believe this is not being easy, after all it's his band. I wish him a speed recovery! 🙏

And I would appreciate if he said something. I know it's complicated now, he probably is not comfortable to speak.

Take care, Larry! You gave us U2 and this band is the love of my life!! ❤

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