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Notes to Larry: Our best wishes


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Dear Larry,

Only few weeks ago some of us received a letter from Edge, which ended with a “I hope you like our new direction”.

Now I am writing to you because you are the one who first planted the first road sign, which allowed the other three members to arrive at your home in September 1976 and to play few songs in your kitchen thus starting the dream of four young Irishmen. U2 changed the lives of millions of fans of all ages who, thanks to the band, have met, fallen in love and, who knows, even recovered from difficult moments in over 40 years .

I am not really someone who has been following you only recently and I have already experienced several changes of direction over the decades. Just think that even now, for example, I find myself wondering why Pop never ends up on my turntable despite the fact that I do like some of the songs and despite the fact that, in 1997 in Reggio Emilia, I spent 10 hours staying in the sun and  waiting for you.

Yesterday, I was talking with my 8-year-old daughter and she was telling me without a doubt that: "Achtung Baby is the best album, daddy!". It is not the first time she says that and I always answer that it is the album that changed history, that if U2 still exist today it is thanks to those songs. I hope that, thanks to those songs, she will soon be able to see you live too.

Now, however, after learning about this new “direction” mentioned by the Edge - which we still know little about - , the announcement arrives on the Las Vegas shows where you will be replaced by a young Dutch drummer.

Of course, we need to take a breath because this news is quite hard to digest. We're not talking about covering Adam one night at the end of the tour because he collapsed in bed in Sydney.
Here we talk about planning a certain number of shows without you.
Not just a random show: Achtung Baby! The album that saved you and saved us, the album that kept your career going for another 30 years.

I know that the respect for the fans is something you take seriously and I'm sure the reaction to what's happening isn't entirely unexpected and I'm not referring to the more conservative fans only, I talk about all the others too.
You're making us very confused because we go from “re-imagined” songs to a different band in a couple of months and we don't understand what is really going on anymore.

Dear Larry, paraphrasing Edge's words: “Your essence is still in us. But how to reconnect with that essence today?”
I guess there is a sense in what is happening and we need clarity to help us find our way again because, although many of us have become accustomed to taking new roads along the way, we have managed to find our original way again because we have always kept in mind where we started from: 60 Rosemount Ave, from your home, from your idea and your determination.

I wish you a very fast recovery. Get well soon, U2 aren’t the same “with or without you.".

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Dear Larry,

I am happy that you are focusing on taking care of yourself and hope that you have a successful recovery if you do proceed with surgery. What other people say you should do does not matter. Only YOU can take care of YOU. We will be here when you return. As for some of the negativity that has been floating around - I can't speak for them but I would think they will come around after the initial shock wears off. Will we miss you at the shows? Absolutely and it would be 10x better with you there. We want you better. Praying that you get the help you need. See you later, bigger and better, drummer man. You are rock and roll.


Gratuitous selfie included


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I wish you all the best!  I hope the surgery is successful and that you recuperate fully and as quickly as possible.  You will definitely be missed on the shows later this year but it's important to take care of yourself, too.  This must have been a very difficult decision for everyone to plan shows without you.  

Thanks for creating this amazing band and for all the incredible songs.  Lots of love to you!

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Thank you Mitch40 for this post . I send kudos your way. I hope Larry will give a reply here to the site as he could clarify so much misinformation out there in FB land u2 groups.  I remember when he did a video being awhile back answering a big question of when the band will be back after Bono’s mishap. 
He can squash so much tension out there in a 15 second video as everyone and their mother are concerned for his well being.  
It would be awesome of him to tell us to relax, let everyone know for sure his blessing on a fill in and most importantly tell us how he’s on the mend and be back when the doctor gives the okay. 
The daisies are fragile right now and needs some lovin’Larry to appear 

I have a calciated disc rubbing on a spinal tube rubbing and pinching on my sciatica nerve. Dealing with on and off pain sucks. Did the PT thing and will have to have surgery soon. Back surgery doesn’t always take. Look at Tiger Woods after five operations. So after 61 years, my time is coming to go under the knife soon and can relate to the injury. So take all the time you deem fit to get to 100% fit. 
God bless you Larry and the band as well 



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