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40 Songs, 40 Cities


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1 hour ago, Sherry said:

Still not unlocking near the White House AFTER over an hour. Taoiseich Leo Varadkar is visiting President Biden today and security is very high. This promotion route circles the f'ing WHITE HOUSE! Officers not liking seeing people not moving and looking down at their phones near the route. NOT COOL, U2!

Screenshot_20230317_111657_Samsung Internet.jpg

You could try closing your browser out and opening a fresh web page.  Worked for me.  Items are pretty lame though.  This is the webpage: https://shop.u2.com/collections/sos-pop-up-collection

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Just back from the Mexico City spot…

Quite the nice surprise that they chose Vertigo for this city… it's just one of my favorite live tracks from the band… 😁

So from now, I live in a city known as Vertigo…  joy...  🤘🏽


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Cesar, the wonderful GOOYOW van driver, texted me to let me know the geolocation for Washington DC has changed and it's been updated. I am almost back home (130 miles away), so I wasn't able to take advantage of the features. Will do so once I am in Boston tomorrow. Passing along as the spot has changed - most likely due to national security restricted issues.


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4 hours ago, scotttickner said:

Just an FYI, the location exclusive items (which are the same for each location!?) are now starting to show up as regular items in the U2 web shops (2 T-shirts & a tote bag.)

Anybody see any other 'location exclusive' items pop up for them?  Mods, any way to find out if more products, especially ones specific to each location, will get loaded at any point (or if someone forgot to add them lol)?

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