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'COMPLETE' The 2023/2024 Gift for U2.com Subscribers


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A lyric book - exactly what I want from my favorite band /s . Come on, you have hundreds of unreleased live recording in your vault that you could pull out and make people happy, but a lyric book is what you come up with?

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Wow. This is beyond poor. Cant see me renewing....tour tickets be dammed,It wont be until 2025 at least before they are in the UK again as the original 4 piece i bet.

A "From the ground up" format would have been a lot, lot better for everyone and would last a few years too if they did as eras in a  "trillogy format" of past album releases. Hell I'd even pay a bit more for it.

Said gift sets would be a hardback book with lyrics, photos, stories from the time... and a single cd of selected live recordings / demos / hard to find extras from that era. If they REALLY wanted to push the boat out, have each member do a short intro for each of the different sets

Bock it in to:

Vol 1 78 to 83, Boy, October, War

Vol 2 84 to 89, Unfogettable, Joshua, Rattle

Vol 3 90 to 99, Achtung, Zooropa, Pop

Vol 4 2000 to 2010, ATYCLBH, HTDAAB, NLOTH

Vol 5 2011 to 2025, Innocence, Experience, + Ascent (?) 

Next 5 years sorted, everyone happy and renewing for all 5 sets. Job done.

Fans happy, live nation happy, band happy.

If I can think this up, why can no-one else??

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They should have released a quality Live CD from the Unforgettable Fire Tour 84/85….It’s the one Live era that has been ignored over the years in terms of reissued live tracks. They have all this material in the vaults…Live material is the way to go.


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Do they not realise they have a lyrics section already on the website. So basically you’re just going to print this off for me add a few pictures that we haven’t seen and make me pay for it. 
even when I get lyrics with a record I don’t bother looking at them. I THINK IF THEY DONE A POLL TO U2 SUBSCRIBERS. WOULD YOU PREFER NEW NON RELEASED MATERIAL OR A BOOK OF PICTURES AND LYRICS? I wonder what that result would be? 


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