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New Vegas Sphere Dates Jan / Feb / March 2024


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1 minute ago, victor_f said:

Does subscribing now allows for tickets request for the presale? It's unclear from the wordings... It says "all" without a cut-off date.

yes, but be aware of this:


Q  - How are Ultra (longtime) subscribers and Violet (recent) subscribers differentiated in the presale window?
A - The Ultra group (Paid-up subscribers as of 3:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 12, 2023 will have their ticket requests considered first. People who subscribed after this time (Violet) will have their ticket requests considered next. All requests will be authenticated using Ticketmaster's Verified Fan technology.

source: https://www.u2.com/help

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Go here and click the link to access the request form.  I believe you'll log into your TM account, then fill out the form, and then specify your U2.com email address (since that can often be different than what's used on TM).

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Not too thrilled about all of 200 level now priced at $500 and all of 300 level at $400. Also don't trust that they aren't including a few partially obstructed rows in that 100 level pool, considering Sphere's definition of obstructed differs significant from fan definition of "obstructed". Think I'll take my chances in general sale so I can be more selective. Had a panic attack up in 300s one night, so need to see what I'm getting before buying, if I sit up there again (which I'd definitely do, just need to be care where I'm located).

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