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Putting the Sphere to Bed Listening Party Thread


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11/08/23: LUKYLSP


11/10/23: BLUEGRACE


11/15/23: MANOHLIVE


11/22/23: AVANICEDAY


11/24/23: CANADANNE


11/29/23: MICH40


11/29/23: MAX TSUKINO





As threatened and/or promised in the live shows chat here we go!

I know we are all going to miss the band during this well deserved three week break so please come join me (and maybe only me LOL) to listen to My Dream U2 Setlist (tm) together. We can all commiserate per the usual, you can tell me what tracks I should've picked instead and hopefully this is a fun way to pass the time during the break. Anyone who actually makes it to the end can virtual arm wrestle for the Friday slot if we want to continue to do this on what would've been show nights...


  • Wednesday, November 8th
  • 8:30pm Los Angeles/10:30pm Chicago/11:30pm New York/4:30am Dublin
  • I'll update this thread with a YouTube link around 8pm PT that we can all hit play on at 8:30pm PT - after thinking about who has what music service it seems like YouTube is the most universal. 
  • Because this isn't an actual U2 show I thought sitting through a 22 song setlist is a bit much to ask of you all. To avoid being overindulgent (while simultaneously more challenging for me) I'm narrowing it down to 11 tracks! 

Helpful info:

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Calpol)
  • Only REALLY GOOD SONGS will be included
  • Wi-Fi running smooth all night
  • Everyone get's a swing on the balloon


Thanks Zootopians, hope to see you on Wednesday. Cheers!

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3 hours ago, AvANiceDay said:

Love the idea of it being a YouTube playlist - thanks for this @lukylsp it’s gonna be great 😁 I’ll try get us a good deal on a case of Calpol 🔥👀😂 I am very impressed ya managed to pick just 11! 😂 


I'm still shuffling around songs in fact - hence the reason for not posting the link until 8pm. I'm not trying to be mysterious, I'm giving myself time to change my mind today 🤪

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2 minutes ago, AvANiceDay said:

Hey guys! 😁


Just now, mich40 said:

Saw your little  show countdown on Twitter. Did you make that?

Forgot to quote you...it's been a LONG day.

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