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A Question of Faith

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I feel sorry for people who have religion and "religiousness" drilled into them from the day they're born.


It seems to either scare most people away from belief in God, or it becomes an empty (and ultimately meaningless) following of family tradition, exactly thesort of thing that leads to sectarian violence.


In the end, everyone has to make their own decisions - it's a personal thing after all!


Before I get wound up - I'm 26 so forgive me if i'm being naive here...


As for religion - I'm left wondering, where exactly in the Bible does Jesus say "wear silly costumes" or "don't talk to me, go see thatnice man with the dog collar and tell him all the naughty things you've done".


Who makes this stuff up? I mean, is it any wonder people have such an ill-informed view of (what people call) "religion"?


And when they make out that you must earn your place in heaven by being a do-gooder, it's no wonder people ignorantly think Christians are allholier-than-thou, self-righteous, judgemental zealots!! The opposite should be true - Christians are the ones admitting they are sinners needing a saviour.


I was on a bus in Romania a couple of years ago, and wondered why many old women kept having a sort of nervous twitch - then I realised they were (apparantlyout of habit) crossing themselves every time we passed a church.


Religion may as well be termed superstition, but faith is something altogether different. Just be careful what/who put you faith in! A half-truth is moredangerously deceptive than a blatant lie.


Rant over!

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Raised Episcopailan, but four years of Catholic high school made me throw in the towel. I think there's something out there - for lack of better wordage -more powerful than us little humans. Call it The Force, call it God, call it science or even Mother Nature. Something is driving this universe and it isn'tus.

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