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Hey all! I'm getting excited for Vegas! I'll be out there in a month for the Feb 18th show. I have GA tix and I am looking for tips and tricks to have the best experience. 

What time should I show up for GA? Where are the best Merch booths? How much is Merch? Food/snacks? Best place to stand/dance?  Can I meet the band? 

Any tips and tricks are welcome - I'm excited to hear what you all have for us!

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Trilo thanks, I saw your post about the Merch booth outside. How much was Merch - same as the website? $50 T-shirts? 

I was trying to get tips in one place - I spent about 30 mins looking for tips and it was a lot of work for a few posts about anything. 

Just trying to figure out what times to stand in line and where might be the best place to stand on the floor to get the whole experience, etc. 

Thanks for chiming in. 

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@ericvillhauer I got the best merch from Zoo Station Pop Up store in the Venetian. My last haul on 1.26 was keychains ($30), beanie, coasters ($40), stickers ($15). I did end up buying another t-shirt (All show dates $50) at Sphere before the show. Hope this helps. I'm back for the last two shows. 

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