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Rank your Top 5 U2 Albums!

Scott Montes

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I Just drove from Las Vegas to Portland...and I listened to every U2 album since War. It definitely proved to me that the new album is the best sinceAchtung!! Everyone rank their top 5 U2 Albums!


1) Acthung Baby (A true Alternative Rock Classic throughout)

T2)Joshua Tree (Loses me a bit on backside, front side an all time classic)

T2)No Line on the Horizon (Look out Achtung, its coming on strong)

4) Unforgettable Fire (Eno works magic with the boys)

5) How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (Front side rivals Joshua Tree)

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For me it has to be ........

1- Joshua Tree - not their greatest musically but for the time and what it did for me, has to be numero uno.

2 - Achtung Baby - Better musically then Joshua and runs it close

3 - POP and NLOTH - both away from the U2 mould and not many could pull it off but U2 do

4 - The Unforgettable Fire - atmospherically brilliant

5 - War - The sheep dog of the collection it rounded me up and pointed me in the right direction ! And since then I have never looked back

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