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Is Anyone Here Professionally Involved with Filmmaking?


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Hello! I first placed this on the free side, but since Syrene brought up avatars in her thread, I thought I would move it down here. Thanks!


Are any of you, by chance, professionally involved in filmmaking as a producer or director?


This and writing have always been my greatest interests in life (and also what I happen to be very very good at)...filmmaking is what I started out in lifepursuing...as a 16mm filmmaker in the mid 90's. I directed one 16mm short, worked on lots of other productions, and then in 2001, left this field to beginworking in the field of international affairs. This was a practical financial decision as well as (at least I had thought at the time) a decision to go where Ibelieved there was the greatest likelihood of contributing progressive thinking to pressing issues, because following the 2001 attacks in the States, there wasa need for creative media types in DC, and in the mid-to-late 90's, there was very very little funding for female independent filmmakers. I was very tiredof starving and being screwed by unscrupulous film industry types in Philadelphia and Miami--so I came and spent six years in Washington doing quite well onthe foreign policy front.


However, my interests and temperament remain more firmly aligned with the creative world of film, rather than the grey-suited policy world of Washington, DC.Frankly, I suffocate here and am not motivated by any of the rewards the town offers professionally, and in the eight years I have been here, I have not met asingle person I would want to spend more than about 15 minutes with--so I spend most of my time alone. I would like to return to filmmaking. I recently made ashort virtual world film...this was all I could really afford to produce at this time. This has done well, and you can see it via a link in my profile. Virtualworld filmmaking is quite pioneering, and I am happy to have tried my hand at it.


I would like to know how I can return to the film fray as a director--I am interested in making allegories ...films about ideas set in fictional and oftenpoetically surreal contexts...but not so "arty" that they would not be financially viable. I am also interested in progressive, issue-baseddocumentaries. I continue to work on a new virtual world film--a train movie, which is also an allegory.


Is there anyone here who has a suggestion for me, perhaps....places to go or organizations to join which would bring me in contact with other creatives andproducers interested in this medium? I spend all of my time looking for work that will pay me enough to make films on the side. Maybe I should just be lookingfor financing and professional allies to write and make films with instead. I am fairly certain it is what I was put on earth to do, it is what my professorsin college told me to go and do, and it is the avenue through which I believe I will be able to make the greatest contribution.


Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

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