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many u2 videos on Youtube, one says U2 is satanic


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mariabella wrote:

If U2 is satanic I wonder what POLITICIANs here in Brazil are ? Satan's boss , I guess ..... (lol)


This is so ridiculous.

Correction: POLITICIANs everywhere LOL


There will always be those that dislike U2. It's like in everything, some are for, some are contra, and some are mental cases like that one with"Satan". Its like I hear my neighbor - an old lady that lived near my house when I was a kid. laugh.gif "You little Devils, susch!".

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I remember the eyeball poster from the ole site GOD is not an eyeball but he is magical

he is of the universe...

he watches on but he's not an eye. eyeball...temple...One...illumaniti???

admit it


YAWEH should be U2 song I did a song called Yeshua...Yeshuastar!


by the way get on your boots a lyric with satan in it what was bono talking about...


By the way I want a petition to change! the dollar bill with a turkey which Benjamin Franklin wanted


except make it a slender turkey...


or better yet make it a Lamb...Yeshua!!! Yeshua!

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