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Canary Islands Fans wants U2 a concert here!!!!


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Dearest U2,

This is a short note from a humble party of several thousands of people from the Canary Islands congregated on Facebook in order to be one of the chosen citiesfor your upcoming 2009 tour. We have reached several thousand fans in a surprinsingly short period of time, within less than a fortnight to be exact, andexpectation is growing rapidly online and among local press. The group, under the name of '100.000 attendees for U2 to come to the Canaries' is a dreamfor many of us who anxiously wait for your return after your short visit to the carnivals in Tenerife and where pictures for your Achtung Baby album were takenin 1991. We would also like to point out that we have remarkably excellent venues where the concert could take place, and international artists such as SirElton John or Michael Jackson have already visited us in the past, both giving successful multitudinous concerts. We also look forward to Rod Stewart'sperformance next summer in Costa Adeje, southern Tenerife, just where 20.000 devotees were brought together by Elton John on January 2008. We count with anastonishing cultural agenda all year round, and are very much interested in providing excellent entertainment which hopefully will include U2 if not now, inthe years to come. Some advantages of giving a concert in the Canaries draw from an outstanding climate to a boost in the tourist sector, both of which andamong many others, stand for a profitable show. We are in a privileged area and are an extremely popular and affordable tourist destination in Europe and SouthAmerica, not to mention if U2 were to visit us shortly. We do not know whether the conditions you estimate for the selection of a domain are gathered in any ofthe main islands of the Canaries such as Tenerife or Gran Canaria, but a band like U2 would surely guarantee outstanding success.

Looking forward to your response.

Your Canarian fans.


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