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Will we ever see U2 in Estonia?


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Paul Pi wrote:

I am for Latvia too :-) Kristaps, I saw Brainstorm past year as well... astonishing!


However if any place would be closer like Finland or Estonia, I would go for it... money has no value, U2 have.

Really?!??! Wooo hooo! I"m not alone! :D

My plan is Berlin > London > Prague/Poland - any of these three places. ;)

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Do you have a points system with your airline? I save my Qantas points so I can fly to Sydney. Last time I slept at the homes of relatives of other U2 fans. Implanning on doing the same this time. In fact just yesterday I bumped into a fellow U2 trekker at the shops. And I know of two other U2 fans who will beheading to Sydney (from here in Perth).


I understand it sucks that U2 dont play your city. If you can network in with other U2 fans you may be able to trek to the closest available city reasonablycheaply - share accommodation, taxis etc. You have two options -


a) despair at U2 not gracing your city or

B) developing a plan to visit U2 in near by city.


I agree with Ragoo. Perhaps try for Finland. Dublin is one of the busier cities for U2 fans. Lots of the diehard fans pilgrimage there and I reckon it would bequite expensive and difficult to obtain accommodation. (and tickets)


All the best in resolving your dilemma.

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