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The new Album, 100 listens later...

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Good. Some nice responses so far. 6/7 out of 10 is exactly where I'm at too. If it's not obvious, I'm not the casual fan. This is a 25 yearrelationship. So I've heard my fair share of Eno/Lanois points of view. Meeting and talking with Bono on two occasions are easily significant times in mylife. But as Simon Cowell would say, "If I'm being honest..." Dream Out Loud -scott

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If it's true that Eno didn't want Boots on the album and that he pushed hard for Winter, then my point is made 100 fold.


I just listened to Winter.





ps. Any more Eno influence and this album could have been called GIRL.


Now I'm dying to hear a Rick Rubin U2 track. How bad could that have been?

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