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After Bono gave Charles Manson a Copy of NOLTH..

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After Charles Manson heard the No Line on The Horizon album by U2.

here's what he thinks its a connection to the Beatles, white album.


No Line on the Horizon - there are no lines on your foreheads. just 666

Magnificent - if you put the devil into the magnifying glass. he would be bigger

Moment of Surrender - takes time to surrender to the devil and evil will prevail (lol)

Unknown Caller - you wont be scared if you see the "unknown caller on the caller id" its the devil

I go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight : Yup.. this is me... (Charles Manson)

get on your boots - kick @$$ all those who oppose him..

stand up comedy - yup.. I'm funny (Charles Manson)

fez- being born - I'm alive after I'm freed ( Charles Manson)

white as snow - a connection to the white album song Revolution 9

breathe - I can walk after I'm freed (charles manson)

cedars of lebanon - I'll chop it like the Joshua tree ( charles manson)




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