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Most Underated U2 Songs


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The unforgettable fire (definitely one of my favourites songs)

Exit (so powerful)

Heartland (such a beautiful song with a very sweet melody)

Like a song

Two hearts beat as one

The refugee

Love is blindness

Winter (it should have been included instead of Get on your boots)

A day without me


The wanderer (great lyrics)


Some b-sides might have been in an album:

Walk to the water

Luminous times

Spanish eyes

Boomerang II

The three sunrises

Lady with the spinning head

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Tomorrow is a song that I have always thought is terribly underrated. It's so beautiful...and actually, the entire album is underrated. Even among fans,it's often the least liked.

Some others off the top of my head...

Exit (actually, the entire back side of the Joshua Tree)


So Cruel

Drowning Man

Hawkmoon 269 (haunting, beautiful, exciting...what's not to love?)

A Sort of Homecoming

Electrical Storm

Summer Rain

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