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Boston Show - Transportation


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Okay...I screwed up apparently. In my enthusiasm about trying to grab presale tickets for my son (in school up in Boston), I purchased seats and then realizedthat what I was seeing online as Boston, was actually Foxboro (Gillette Stadium) :((((


I've placed a call to MBTA and they tell me that they will NOT be running the commuter train that runs to the stadium during the Patriot games - UNLESSconcert promoters contact them and request this to occur.


So I'm going to assume that it's not going to happen and wondered if anyone up in that area might have alternative suggestions for how he can attendthe concert.


Thanks for any help with this :)

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There isn't really public transportation to Gillette (like you mentioned). It's kind of a pain to get to unless you drive (and even then it'sstill a pain). The traffic getting into the parking lot is always a mess and it's even worse leaving.


But if your son can get a ride from someone, doesn't mind tailgating for a few hours before (and after) the show, he'll have a ball.


It makes for a very long day, but if he's a huge fan, it will be a blast. I've done it over a dozen times and I enjoy it.


Hey, maybe I could give him a ride. We might actually be taking a party bus so none of us have to worry about driving.


Good luck!

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