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Wild Things to do with Rigatoni...


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Not what you think...









I've got a box of Rigatoni and am thinking of making something interesting, and different for us for a late dinner later.


Now, I wanna say fuck it to the spaghetti sauce.


This is what we have so far that could possibly.. be appropriately used for a pasta dish.. and yes, before any smartass comments, yes we need to go groceryshopping again, and me not using up everything in one damn day, lol.


Lotsa brocccoli. (yes, thats broccoli with 3 C's.)

French, Italian, and Ranch dressing.

Prego sauce (but I wanna stray away from it tonight, unless adding something cool...)

veggie oil



battered shroom things (oddly, no canned or raw shrooms this time)

i think we have spinach... am too lazy to go look.


I wanna do something possibly.. seemingly weird..yet really cool and yummy.


One idea.. was to take the pasta.. and mix it with french or italian dressing and throwing in some broccoli.

like some odd pasta salad.


OH... we have carrots too.


oh fuck it.. i'll just do that.


anyways... whats everyones favorite kinda pasta dish here? any cool recipes?

lets make this the official pasta thread! i dont think ive had a major pasta related thread in ages on here... damn.

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Pasta Salad:



Italian Dressing

Broccolli (with 2 L's)



and any other veggies you have around


Do you have any Schillings, "Salad Supreme", that's adds good flavor to pasta salad.


Also, try adding parmaesan(sp?) cheese or stinky cheese, if you have any around. If you don't have any parmaesan, try adding some crunchy cheetos. lol..thepuffs work well too.

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Well, I'm sure I'm missing a few things but:

1 lb of ground beef

1 box of rigatoni

1/2 green pepper

1 jar of spaghetti sauce (no, don't fuck the spaghetti sauce, it's good!)

Onion powder

Garlic salt

Mozzarella cheese (not sure of the amount)


The first time mom put all that together, it was a hit at the house! She never made a recipe card for it so I make it based on memory of how she made it. Ireally dig it, one of my favorite foods!

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