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Is it Time to Retire Where the Streets Have no Name?


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U2LAWoman wrote:

No, don't do it U2. Don't retire Streets, not now. Consider maybe dropping Bullet?


The band has talked about this in the past with Willie Williams, yet have always kept Streets in and I agree...it should be kept in (yet would be interestingif they did drop it. Since the JT tour they have had it in so most are use to it in there. Would be like going to the movies without Popcorn).


I also agree with Bullet...think they could do without this one, unless they get funky like Zoo TV with this one again...Great Edge solo on that tour....


We'll see...maybe add a few B-sides (electrical storm)....

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Dropping Where the Streets have no Name would be worse than if Led Zeppelin(back in their hay day) were to drop Stairway to Heaven. It just shouldn'thappen, and I certainly hope it never does. Personally the only thing worse would be if they dropped One.

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