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GOOD TO HEAR YOU ARE BACK in the 21st Century


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U2 THANK YOU FOR THE LP. Although I haven't even heard most of it:-) I just listened to a few tunes on the net ... THEY SOUND GREAT.

Now I can relax, cause after the GOYB had been released I was kind of worried about the shape of the album.


So for those who liked Zooropa,POP, which I find very interesting this will most probably be a great LP.

I enjoyed Zooropa - amazing experience - songs with lyrics like Zooropa, Lemon, Babyface, Stay, Numb, The 1st Time, Dirty Day, Wonderer :-) all classics. Funto hear and art of its own kind :)

POP - Amazing collection of fun, energetic songs like Discotheque, do you feel love and lyrical tracks Staring at the sun, Please, Wake up Dead Man and If GodSends His Angels.


These few tracks I heared (Moment of Surrender,Magnificent,NLOTH,White as Snow,Breathe) sound alike, which is a big PRO.


OK enough of support :)Visit to Poland to play live soon image


PS. U2 I'M SORRY to hear that your recordings were stolen again, but it was A GREAT PLEASURE TO HEAR A PART OF THEM!!!

PS. I am still waiting for a legal copy to hear it all :)

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