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People should know something about U2


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This probably isn't the right place to ask Bono for a loan to build a five story duckpond in my backyard. Is it ??? How about a U2-360 Grant then? LOL.I'm only kidding. Just joking kids. S'what I do.


Seriously, I agree with PiChU & Crew. If I were Bono, Edge, Larry, or Adam, then I certainly wouldn't go out of my way - like they have - to better theworld. In my not so humble opinion, the people that have ducked up the world should be forced to fix the messes. Simply put, it's not any member of theband's job or responsibility to fix anything they didn't break ...


But ... We aren't talking about just ANY band ... Are we ???


We're talking about a band of guys who have repeatedly gone out of their way to help people in need. This group of guys, except maybe Adam - LOL j/k, havetaken their rock star gloves off, and gotten their hands dirty and wet. WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!


Thanks to U2 for doing what they continue to do !!! And PiChU, thanks to YOU too ...


YOU are loved ...

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u2zoo24 wrote:

PiChU wrote:

They are not the internatioal red cross foundation.


I'm sorry to say it this way but it's time to burst another bubble, they don't make a living fixing social or economical situations, they make music and that's it. Bono does his extra work after some of his concerns, works hard but it's very demanding to try to do that, take care of the rest of the world and manage a band at the same time.


I'm not saying they can't help at anything else, but come on, you people are expecting a lot out of 4 guys.



It is not U2's job to save the world. Bono hopes that through his example it will force you and I to act in our own communitys. If U2 gave every cent they had and ever made it would'nt even scratch the surface of problems like the ones in Africa. So don't give me the old "they're rich,they're hypocrites". The power U2 has to bring attention to issues and get the ears and signatures of kings and presidents is much more powerful than anything their money could do.


It's your world, you fix it.


For all those who would criticize Bono (and there are millions) , I ask you this?


How many starving babys have you fed?

How many kids are drinking clean water because of you?

How many people think your the next best thing since Jesus?

How people find inspiration and joy in your words?


I'm sick of hearing people question Bono's actions and i'm sick of the "Greed" issue. Get your facts straight and see the good for what it is.


When asked why Bono was so philanthropical (is that a word?)


His response was: "I woke up one morning and looked at the world I was leaving to my kids and I got pissed off"


It's the most basic and best of inspiration. His kids. That's why he does what he does and that's why he wants you to do it too.


Well said well said. I agree totally. This band is close enough to perfect for me.
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