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Voodoo Loons, an Irish/American band


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Hey, being this area is open to content "outside of U2", I thought I'd plug my own band, Voodoo Loons. I'm from Donegal, drummer is from Clare, and the bassist is from Boston. We put an album out last yearthat you can check out on our website via stream (and hopefully then buy... we'rea grass roots organization).... and if you should happen to be in Dublin for the U2 stand (I'm going Saturday) we're currently putting some showstogether... so get on our mailing list and keep in touch for details.


One more thing... we're often featured on Celtic Crush on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio in the U.S. Feel free to request us, if you feel so inclined. Thanksso much for checking it out, and drop us a line, as feedback is sorely underrated smokin.gif Peace

http://voodooloons.com http://myspace.com/voodooloons

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