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Where are you from?

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[quote name='anette_ebster wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

anette_ebster']PHILIPPINES !! Mabuhay kayong lahat! XD


I thought you were from America - wow!! You learn something new everyday !

LOL ! laugh.gif America would be cool, but still love it here XD


What does the phrase mean which you wrote anette?

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[quote name='bacadorina wrote:


']You come from a beautiful country Antonija - I have been to croatia a few times but would like to explore it more

I am glad to hear that.

Where have you been in Croatia?

County is really beautiful. We have over 1000 islands. The world oldest cathedral is built in Croatia.

Nikola Tesla was our citizen, he was born in Smiljani Donji

We are greatest in many many things. From ancient past that has to be respected, as Bono said in Zagreb, till World Champion, Olimpic Games and Europian Champion ship in Handball

You should come and visit us,

what else I can say


Bok, Antonija!

Long time not hearing from you, I guess you were busy with university exams.

You were referring to Zadar cathedral?

Also Romania were 4 time World Champions in male Handball, but unfortunately now we struggle to qualify to the World or European championship...........


you are right, I was so busy about my exams, actually I am still very busy :)

No, I was not referring to Zadar cathedral, world oldest Cathedral is in Split, where U2 should come this year.

Have you seen last game on Handball Championsip? We are second in the world for now.

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'Not afraid to die, not afaid to live'

Czesc Justyna! Witamy!

You come from a beautiful country - which part are you from?

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