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Where are you from?


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masully wrote:

Good ol Summerville..what up Kev?..hit Kappy's for a rack last week, got a friend that lives across from station landing..got on her case about missing ths how as well..

Right on, Sully. Station landing is brand new almost. I bought my first recordings ever, in 1981ish...cassette tapes near there -atStrawberries, which is no more. I got Genesis - Abacab and Freeze Frame by the J.Geils Band...not long after I heard "Gloria" by a great band withbad hair.


Kappy's is an insanely huge packey. I think Crowley's in Ball Sq. has the best deals in town. I get back every so often. I'll be there forEaster.


Where's home for you?

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