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Where to File Complaints


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Ok people here are places to go to file complaints.

The Federal Trade Commission:

The Better Business Bureau:

The California Attorney Generals Office:

Also contact Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY)

Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT)

You can also fax a letter to these people as well as sending your complaints over the web.

Sample letter:

Dear ,
I am writing to you to inform you of problems with a California based company, Live Nation. On (insert date) I subscribed to a web site run by LiveNation. I paid $ for this subscription but have not been allowed access to the paid site for over six weeks. I have contacted them by the"Help" link on the info page (insert number here) times, I have called their customer service department (insert number here) times and have followedall the instructions on the non-subscribers site including posting to the moderators (insert number here). The company has not only failed to fix the problem,they will not reply to my posts, my emails and the customer service agent was unable to resolve the issue.

You get the idea. I'm looking for the address for Principle Management as well, but haven't located it as yet. If anyone has it please post it herefor everyone to send them the same info.

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