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i havent seen many bands live... well, of my major favorites. other than u2 (which obviously were the best band ive ever seen live, and among my infamous top

3) and any other bands worth mentioning.. i'd say modest mouse, which ive seen live several times and met them. very cool band live. sadly have never seen

new order or simple minds. so, other than u2.. i'd say modest mouse were the 2nd best ive seen. despite what people say, they are an awesome live band and

really super cool guys. and they really put on a wild show, and they're fun. now, as for some of their fans at shows, thats another story. and dealing with

the annoying anti-smiths people that i had to hide from in milwaukee and indianapolis. eek. so, in a sense, ive seen the smiths, haha.. since johnny marr is a

member of modest mouse. hah. 3rd, marcy playground. a happy little indie band from NYC/Minneapolis which are super cool.

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