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U2 Guitar Hero?


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I find it strange as to why U2 songs haven't appeared on Guitar Hero games. They're the best rock band in the world, so why not? I don't know, butI suppose there are certain things that go on to get these songs onto games, and for some unkown reason U2 may have declined, but I would love to see a U2version of Guitar Hero, or something similar. I'd by it quick smart.


What songs would you LOOOVE to play?

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There are some real rock songs that should have made appearances on previous versions like Vertigo and New Years Day, but here is a list of some that wouldseriously go beserk on Guitar Hero or even Rock Band (Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums).



Get on Your Boots


Stand Up Comedy

The Fly

Out of Control

New Years Day

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Party Girl

Bullet the Blue Sky

Beautiful Day

Pride (in the Name of Love)

God Part II


Electric Co


Last Night on Earth

All Because of You

A Man and a Woman

The Unforgettable Fire

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Top of the list...can't be denied Zoo Station.


here's a few more


Until the End of the World (get a live track on that, unbelievable drums)

Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me


Dirty Day

Do you Feel Loved

Gone (Greatest hits version)

I Will Follow


Electrical Storm (W.O. mix)


Just had a gander at the Metallica GH....it looks amazing. U2 should be the next band to get their own!!



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well, first off u2 IS THE BEST band ever, but honestly i dont think their songs will adapt to a guitar hero game, b/c the guitar riffs in U2 songs aro notthat complicated per se, i'm not saying they're bad or anything is just that they will be easy to do, as compared to some metallica songs, which are apain in the a**, specially with those tricky solos, i wouldnt find a U2 song hard to play. maybe they can make a videogame with the SING IT videogame that isjust like a kareoke. its just my opinion.

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