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Twas the night before album and not a creature was stirring...


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It's been a long hard labour here in Dublin, but we're just one hour away from the birth of a new bouncing baby album! Many have followed a brightstar in the night sky and have flocked to a nearby record stable to witness the delivery around the stroke of midnight. Rumour has it that the four wise menthemselves may make an appearance, bearing gifts of odes, common sense and mirth.


While many of us here have longed and prayed for this new born hope, it seems in every stable, there's an ass. Some out there are already claiming the kidwill be uglier than all the others. But judgeth not the child, but the talents that lay hidden inside. A baby's capacity to bring joy is doubtless, itspotential to shape the future is limitless. For every new born, there's truly no line on the horizon. Beware of small men with big ideas.


To the proud expectant fathers, congratulations, we eagerly await the fruits of your love. The midwife Eno says its going to be really beautiful. I for onelook forward to welcoming a brand new member to our tribe.


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