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Unkown Caller...GOD and Adolf Hitler make appearances


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2 important points: 1)There are 2 callers (GOD and evil - or Hitler)

2) recall the song Zooropa


Hitler's image was first in space....Vorsprung derch technik! (look it up). In Zooropa, the evil returns from the great unkown with a new angle at creatinga super-race through technik (technology). It is this personna who asks, "What do you want?" during the opening of Zooropa (A parody of thetemptation of Jesus in the desert). Jesus didn't take the bait, but we did, and have been given satellites, internet (cybersex), cell phones, etc. NEWMEDIA is the BIG IDEA!


"Speed dialing with no signal at all" leads to man's realization that he has exchanged his faith in GOD for a vain faith in technology. He thendrives "to the scene of the accident" (ie the desert) to undo the trade. He is hideously rejected with yet another sales pitch, and a promise thattechnology will help him "escape yourself and gravity". He his then commanded to "cease to speak that I may speak, shush now!" Man is leftfull of sorrow, "at the edge of the known universe......at the top of the bottom" (and ready to jump)


Before jumping, he "sat there waiting for me". While waiting, the 2nd unknown caller begins to speak. It is GOD who showshim mercy, saying, "restart/reboot.....you're free....password...YOU, enter....cease to speak that I may speak...don't move orsay a thing", so HIS will may be done.

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