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What Music Are You Listening Too?

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my kids are watching Highschool musical for the .... time!! god have mercy,help mefrown.gif
I am so sorry. I know how you feel, but they will grow out of it. My daughter did. Just hang in there. smile.gif
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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:

jojes']no barbara, not after the few rainy days we had here, I'm definately not agreeing with that line !


As for me, at the moment I have the DVD on : U2 The best of 1990-2000 with the beautiful "Electrical storm" on it !

that IS a beautifull song!!

I know, it's gorgeous !  And not only the song ... the videolip that goes along woth is is very nice too embarassed.gifembarassed.gifembarassed.gif


at the moment, I've got the U2 Popmart in Mexico DVD on !  And how I wish september 2010 will come very soon !!

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