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What Music Are You Listening Too?

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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:

barbara1 wrote:

jbarnych wrote:

barbara1']my kids are watching Highschool musical for the .... time!! god have mercy,help me

I am so sorry. I know how you feel, but they will grow out of it. My daughter did. Just hang in there.



thanx for your sympathy, i hope your right...
HSM 1,2 or 3? I feel your pain barbara I really do.... Have you had to go and watch the stage show of it?


didn't hear about those! and luckily neither has my daughter... lets keep it that way!


btw she just discovered one of her friends is a hugh u2-fan! the girl is 13 and goes to the concert in brussels next year, so now she askes me if she could go to!!! there's hope!!

i told her if she still wanted to go within a couple of months i will try to find her a GAticket (i've bought 4 seats behind the stage for us and an ex-colleague and herhusband)

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