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The Brazilian Vacation of Amy Winehouse


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Amy Whinehouse is a total tool. Is she a good singer? yes. Is she unique? yes. Doe she act like a total tool? Yes.


Many great artists over the years have had heroin addictions. Most of the great jazz and blues musicians like Ray Charles and Otis Redding for example wereheroin addicts but kept thier shit together in the public eye. They were never seen stumbling around or looking like a holocaust victim. Many people used tofeel you can't make good jazz/blues music unless you are high on herion.


I only get a sour feeling everytime i see Amy in the tabloids. She is an objectional, distgusting out of control human being. Not really half as gifted aspeople make out. Listening to her music makes me feek like i'm watching those cheesy doo wop movies like Cry Baby or Grease. She is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYover-rated. Frankly I wish she would get clean or hurry up and die. Dying would be a great career move for her. If she continues like this we'll get sickof her shit and she'll end up fading away. If she died tommorow she would be instantly elevated to the level of music god,along with Morrison ,Cobain andJoplin (all of which are over-rated). Do you actually think Heath would have been given an Oscar if he were still alive? Thank god shes not pushed as a rolemodel for our children.

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