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Just saw a connection I didn't before with MOS and Breathe


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OK, here's a theory for you. You may think I'm way out there, but here goes...


I've come to see Breathe as sort of an "answer" or "flip side" of Moment of Surrender. MOS is, I think, about struggling with fear,especially when it comes to sexuality or spirituality. It's about wanting to let go of your fear, but ironically, being afraid of what's out therebeyond that fear! (Anyone who has wrestled with this sort of fear will know what I'm talking about... When you live with fear for so long, as I did forawhile, it becomes, well, not exactly comfortable, but you get used to it, and it becomes very difficult to let go of it in favor of the unknown, even if theunknown would be much, much better and more healing.) The end of MOS is kind of about what happens when you're right at the point of letting go, butcan't quite bring yourself to do it. Anyway, I think Breathe is about what happens when you finally DO get to that point and let go of your fear and walkforward into a new way of being... a way of living in love and trust and freedom. I think I see it this way because of my own experience of healing afterexposure to religious abuse in my younger years, and my discovery of a new spirituality that works for me.


Isn't it interesting how U2's songs are so open to interpretation? I'm even more in awe of Bono's songwriting skills than I was in the past. It takes a very special talent to write songs like this, in which many people can see many different meanings.

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