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"Fools Rush In" AND U2 in it...


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It is a really great book written by Bill Carter.

By the way Bill is the guy who is responsible for Live links between U2 and Sarajevo during the ZOO TV tour in 1993.

Believe me that after the reading the book you'll have even bigger appreciation(if possible) for U2 than ever.Because it shows in the book in such way theside of U2 that you never seen in this case read about U2.

Anyway this book is essential read for any U2 fan and for anyone who like to spend time reading.

And yes,Bill Carter is one of the greatest guys out there.


I'm so moved by his work and him as a human that i have created on facebook fan base...if you have time check out...nothing special...wink.gif




And proudly being his first fan :)


Thanks U2 because on this website some years ago i have found out about Bill...


Cheers to everyone :))

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