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V2 vs U2 remixes With or Without You


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U2 remixes of "With Or Without You" : V2 vs U2. submitted to WEA Online and U2.


Inspired after the Dune novel TV/Series.




The remixes are featured also upon TICKETMASTER's® iTunes Music.


A pack features 2 remixes Arrakis and Geidi Prime produced in 2007-08 by the Norvegian production ULV under Sanctus Ordo Saeculum Label.


By Alf E. Eik [Lindstrom, Secret Garden,A-ha] and Damien Veen [CK Music,Steven Marque, Purebleeds, Amonn]


Upon Apple iTunes ; Rhapsody and Napster.



Read the Official BLOG here :



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