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Swine Flu and the Tour


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Oh Mick, don't you even go there!


I'm sick now....but sick of everyone talking only about swine flu, and in the news, the ENTIRE HOUR is dedicated to swine flu, nothing else! Somethingsmells funny here and it's not just me this time! my mum also thinks the same, we're not the only ones who noticed how media only focused on one issuesince last week and how the price of vitamins and ither medication went up to the ceiling.


I've had it!

I'm off to kiss everyone!

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Virtual Worlds and Virtual Workspaces are one of the best current solutions to avoiding the spread of pandemics. (Anyone guess which technology I am a fanof?!) laugh.gif


And, if the concert is threatened, there is always the possibility of a live virtual performance! Here is a link to something a group did in SecondLife withthe Vertigo Tour a few years ago

. The technology has advanced considerably since that time. This is a re-creation and not live,but musicians perform live all of the time in virtual worlds. Suzanne Vega was one of the first main-acts to do so.


You might also take an interest in my virtual world produced film, a link to which can be found in my profile.


Currently, I am involved with a NPR-style news, business and analysis show that broadcasts from a live audience in secondlife out to the web and soon intoother virtual platforms as well. It is a venture backed by Cornell University Johnson School of Management and has just been acquired by a Canadiancommunications firm and wiill be re-launchng with its new season next week with a live interview with Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab (the creators ofsecondlife.) This season will be expanding to cover issues involving policy and virtual worlds, enterprise adoption, economics, social impact, educationaladoption of the technologies, among other themes.


There is a "fake" bono in Secondlife already--a role-player, it is said. I have yet to bump into him at a cyberbar (as far as I know!) :D

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LifeFactory wrote:

All that said, I think the reaction is a bit over-the-top at the moment. The Centers for Disease Control has said as much.


Sure, they will say that but that is because they don't want people freaking out. They just raised the level to 4-one step away from a pandemic. I wouldthink this is cause for alarm.

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I am not suggesting one brush this off lightly, but I also think freaking out unreasonably is a bit self-indulgent. A fairly decent job was done containingSARS, and it would have been even more effective if the Chinese government had not hidden the outbreak for as long as it did. This virus hit the radars fairlyquickly. But, it is in most corners of the world now, true.


At any rate--virtual workspaces, for those of us living in areas where this is feasible.


Unfortunately, most of the world has no access to such technologies and are also the ones most likely to be hard-hit by any outbreak of disease. Not that wehere could not also be infected, but, really...we are not the ones at greatest risk and should not sensationalize a perceived existential threat to ourselves.

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And...the World Health Organization has just raised it to Level 5- Pandemic Imminent. The virus is evolving rapidly. Son of a B*tch! *wahine hides from flyingpigs*

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Mexico reduced its initial claims of 150+ deaths attributed to the flu down to 7 deaths.

People seem to love the idea of pending crisis--it must make life seem more exciting ;)



Mexico Reduces Number of Confirmed Swine Flu Deaths to Seven



By Jose Enrique Arrioja and Crayton Harrison


April 28 (Bloomberg) -- Mexico reduced the number of confirmed deaths from swine flu to seven from 20, saying the toll could fluctuate after further testing.


Of 159 deaths suspected to be caused by swine flu, "seven were undoubtedly deaths caused by the new virus of swine flu," Mexican Health Minister JoseCordova told reporters today in Mexico City.

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